Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use?

We hand-make many of our own cleaning products using natural ingredients and essential oils that are effective, non-toxic, and leave your home smelling fantastic!

What’s included in the cleaning?

You are most welcome to request a detailed checklist along with your estimate. If there’s something you’d like done that you don’t see on the checklist, please by all means ask! We love creating customized solutions for our clients.

Do you ever clean outside of the Vancouver area?

Generally for out of area (i.e. Surrey, Delta, North Shore) cleans we will either ask for a 4 hour minimum ($360), OR we tack on an agreed-upon mileage fee to take into account travel time & fuel. If that sounds fair, please feel free to fill out our online booking form with your address. We'd love to try to accommodate you.

Can I leave my pets at home?

We love pets! However we recommend that you keep your pet in a separate room or a crate during the cleaning to avoid any discomfort to your pet or our staff. If there is an agreement between cleaning team and customer then pet may be roaming in the space. We do not feed pets, or clean up their droppings and urine.

What is your minimum rate?

Our minimum charge is $180 plus GST. 

How do I make my payment?

There are a variety of ways to pay, so it’s really just what’s most convenient for you. Cash or cheque can be given directly to your cleaning team or you can pay online via e-transfer or credit card upon receipt of your invoice. Invoices are sent out within 24hrs of your service.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We require a 48-hour notice for cancellation - text, voicemail or email are acceptable and all messages are time stamped for accuracy. A $50 cancellation charge will apply if notice is not received before this deadline. If we arrive at the cleaning and there is no key arranged for us or we cannot gain access to the home within 15 minutes, we will charge for the full appointment. Our staff rely on the work we provide to them and we must always respect their time. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Will the initial cleaning take longer?

Generally, yes. We pride ourselves on our name and our first cleaning will bring your space up to our High Standards, especially if it’s been awhile since your last deep clean.

What is your guarantee?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, simply contact us within 24 hours of the job’s completion and we will either come back and re-clean the area, OR set up a voucher for your next booking relative to the issue. Keep in mind that if your original booking is time restricted, or we are requested to do jobs not on our regular checklist without an extension of time, we may not be able to complete everything to our standards and therefore cannot offer this guarantee.