A natural born "neat freak", Annelie started cleaning professionally in 2007 while putting herself through post-secondary school.

Her attention to detail, love of helping busy families and her hand-made eco-friendly products led to many repeat customers.

When Annelie proceeded with a paramedic career and later became a mom, she began hiring others and teaching them her techniques to keep the business growing.

10 years later, HSC has turned into a top-rated service and job opportunity for other “neat freaks” in her community.

She continues to build her business on the following core values:

Fair Wages


Genuine Enthusiasm

Security & Privacy



Crystal “Precious” Wilkes is Annelie’s right hand lady, balancing her online Business Development position at HSC with a career as a content creator & performer.

She is thrilled to have found an integral, female-run company with whom to share her extensive experience in digital marketing, systems & processes, creative problem solving and general behind-the-scenes development.

Stay tuned for the exciting launch of HSC's cleaning products by clicking here!